After Sales Services

Alseko Energy defines the privileges of after-sales service as follows;

Device sales are not an end in customer relationships, but rather a start based on long-term mutual trust and unconditional customer satisfaction.

Understanding of care services is not just general cleaning of the device, which is called “image care”;

“Predictive maintenance” is the solution of probable problems during maintenance with the logic of “maintenance”. Thus, costly defects and manufacturing / comfort losses can be avoided. Maintenance and repair services are made by our service engineers, specialized in Alseko Energy.

Alseko Energy service engineers are trained in Italy for about 15 days on average each year. We continue to work to ensure that our customers receive services that will solve their problems as quickly and accurately as possible.

Our on-site installation is done by our engineers. The machine’s compatibility with the system is checked with the machine setup and the tests to be done afterwards. Following the completion of the installation process, training will be given to the machinery and equipment to be used during the process and to the personnel who will use the system.

It is the user’s responsibility to locate the machine system and prepare the necessary electrical connections in the company to be installed.

Warranty conditions

The SISMA Laser Marking Machine supplied by Alseko Energy Company and all parts are warranted against possible production errors for 24 months from the start of operation.

All parts of the Sisma Laser Welding Machine, Laser Cutting Machine and Metal Fusion Machines and machines supplied by Alseko Energy are guaranteed against possible production defects for 12 months from installation of the machine.