Technical Services


Alseko Enerji defines its privileges in after-sales services as follows:

  • Device sales are not the end of customer relations, but a beginning based on long-term mutual trust and unconditional customer satisfaction.
  • Our understanding of maintenance services is not limited to the general cleaning of the device, which is called “image maintenance”;
    With the logic of “predictive maintenance”, possible problems are resolved during maintenance. In this way, costly malfunctions and manufacturing / comfort losses can be prevented. Maintenance and repair services are carried out by our service engineers specialized within Alseko Enerji.
  • Alseko Energy service engineers receive training on our machines in Italy for an average of 15 days every year. We continue to work to ensure that our customers receive service that will solve their problems as quickly and accurately as possible.
    On-site installation is carried out by our company’s engineers. The compatibility of the device with the system is checked through machine installation and subsequent tests. After the installation process is completed, training is given to the personnel who will use the system regarding the machinery and equipment and what to do during the process.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to position the machine system and prepare the necessary electrical connections at the company where the installation will be made.

Warranty Conditions

SISMA Laser Marking Machine and all its parts supplied by Alseko Enerji company are guaranteed against possible production defects for 24 months from the start of operation of the device.

Sisma Laser Welding Machine and Metal Fusion Machines and all parts of the machines supplied by Alseko Enerji company are guaranteed against possible production defects for 12 months from the installation of the device.

Warranty repairs, supply of defective parts, and possible labor required for readjustment are not subject to charge. If our company’s service personnel are needed for on-site operations, the labor and parts required for readjustment are free of charge. During the warranty period, every spare part under warranty will be provided free of charge by Alseko Enerji. Malfunctions; The Technical Service form at must be filled out and submitted to us, along with the error type, model and serial number information.

The machine should be operated under recommended conditions and ambient conditions. Otherwise, our company does not accept responsibility for any malfunctions that may occur. The following items are out of warranty;

  • Damages caused by breakage, deterioration, careless or misuse of optical parts (mirrors, lenses, protection windows) that are easy to break by nature
  • Except for pump diodes (under the general machine warranty), consumables such as filters and all parts susceptible to wear and tear are out of warranty, but a discounted price is applied to the spare parts of all these materials.
  • Damage caused by natural disasters or accidents such as lightning


The warranty may be terminated completely before the warranty period expires in the following cases:

  • Changes and adjustments to be made in the system other than the vendor’s technical personnel.


  • Not using original spare parts.


  • Use under conditions not specified in the user manual


  • Broken company seal on the machine.


  • The supplier does not accept compensation claims for damages such as loss of production, interruption in production, loss of profit, financial costs that occur directly / indirectly or as a result of the product.

For all possible malfunctions during and after the warranty period, please contact the CALL CENTER;

Phone: +90 532 111 84 00

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