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A light source that emits radiation in the same phase. The word is derived from the initials of the words in the English sentence ‘light amplification by radiative stimulated emission’. The light of light sources consists of photons that are emitted in different phases and directions as the electrons in the excited atoms pass from a higher state to a lower state. As the photons emitted from the first atoms excited in the laser beam move back and forth between the two surfaces, they also excite other atoms in the laser cavity, creating a strong light that spreads in the same phase and in the same direction.
Laser marking, laser engraving, laser engraving is the process of leaving a mark on any material. The system leaves a permanent mark without using any ink, etc. products or any tools. The working principle of the system is to process the part with the power of the light produced by the laser.

Metal Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Titanium, Platinum
Plastic Materials: ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyamide, Rubber etc.

It is possible to mark laser foils, films and some packaging on paint.
Metals in the yellow group such as Brass, Bronze and Copper cannot be fully welded due to their reflection properties. Studies are being carried out on this subject.

  • There is no consumable requirement.
  • The machines work with 220V. Therefore, electricity consumption is very low.
  • The marking process is permanent for a long time.
  • Marking can be done in the desired size, shape and image.
  • Processing times are very short.
It is the process of sending a high-energy laser beam onto the materials to be welded together, raising the temperature there, and then welding the materials together by breaking the metallic bonds between the atoms in the area where the process is performed.
Laser welding is becoming increasingly common as a newer method compared to other conventional welding methods. It is used especially in the automotive and electronics sectors because the welding process is carried out very quickly. Laser welding process can be applied as filler welding and joining welding. There is no need to create a weld bead as in other welding methods.

Currently, laser welding machines with Nd-Yag technology are used in general use. The consumables of machines with this technology are as follows;

  • Flash Lamp
  • Pure water
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Welding Protection Glass
  • Welding wires in filling operations

However, production of fiber laser welding machines has now started. Consumables such as lamp, pure water and filter cartridge are disabled.

The lamps in lamp pump laser welding machines are the systems that create the laser beam. However, after a while, as the gases in the lamps begin to deplete, the welding power decreases and these lamps need to be replaced periodically. Here, a pure water cooling system is used since high heat will occur when the lamps generate this power.

In fiber laser welding machines, there are no consumables due to the laser beam produced with 220V energy in the fiber generator. However, due to this structure, fan cooling is sufficient and it is not affected by temperature differences compared to lamp systems. For this reason, fiber systems are called maintenance-free systems.

Thanks to the working logic of fiber laser welding machines, the maximum power that can be adjusted on the machine is 100%. The minimum power is 1%. Since the cooling need in lamp systems is a serious factor, the power that can be adjusted here must be limited to 60-70% for use.
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