BSP PICO is a laser marking and engraving machine using a picosecond laser source.


  • This type of source generates pulses lasting only a few picoseconds with peak intensities so high that for nonlinear/multiphoton absorption takes place: the result is a process with a very reduced thermal effect; Ideal for performing precise, fluid and clean markings without the need to rework pieces.
  • BSP PICO has a compact and solid structure thanks to the granite work table and guarantees excellent process stability for parts weighing up to 20 kg. The basic structure includes 3 motorized axes with 50 pm precision of movement, stroke in the plane of 300 x 300 mm and amplitude along the Z axis of 360 mm.
  • The integrated software, developed entirely by SISMA, is the ideal solution for managing files and the entire marking process, even when complex jobs are involved: it allows you to fully exploit the full potential of BSP PICO and guarantees a high degree of customization to speed up and simplify the operator’s work.
Active Material Yb
Average Power 50W
Wavelength 1030 nm
Working Frequency 50 / 2000 kHz
Pulse Duration 0,001 – 0,003 ns
Peak Power 10000 kW
Pulse Energy 0,025 mJ
Beam Quality < 1,4
Cooling System Su
Axis Stroke (XYZ) 300 x 300 x 360 mm
Axis Precision 0,05 mm
Max Piece Weight 25 kg
Precision 0,05 mm
Axis Repeatability 0,02 mm
Power Supply 230 V %50 – 60 Hz
Power Absorption 1 kW
Dimensions 823 x 1329 x 1904 mm
Weight 590 kg
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