LM 250


Standalone system with a height-adjustable base on wheels is characterized by an advanced cooling system that allows it to work in any work area.

It is equipped with a removable table and an opening bottom that allows working on large objects, and the LM-T version with both a microscope and a coaxial camera is also available.

 LM 250
Average Laser Power100 W
Peak Power11 kW
Energy at Max Pulse Duration250 J
Wavelength1064 nm
Pulse Duration0,3 ms – 23ms
Pulse Frequencyup to 50 Hz
Spot Diameter0,1 mm / 2 mm
Smart SpotV
Power Supply230 V %50 – 60 Hz
Dimensions1094 x 873 x 1363 mm (min) 1094 x 878 x 1663 mm (max)
Weight155 kg
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