SMARK CO2, laser marking and engraving system


  • The advanced features of the 20W CO2 laser source, complemented by a high-performance galvonometric head, allow to carry out engraving, marking and cutting operations in line with the highest technical standarts. SMARK CO2 can be fitted with all SISMA accessories with coaxial system and pattern matching software.
  • SMARK CO2 is a first class system with Ple performance level.
  • The 490 x 350 mm working chamber is open on three sides to facilitate access.
  • The integrated software, entirely developed by SISMA, is the ideal solution for file management and parameter definition even in complex machining.
* Product specifications, illustrations, performances, weights and dimensions are purely indicative and approximate and subject to change without notice.
Laser SourceCO2
Wavelength10600 nm
Average Laser Power20 W
Pulse Frequency1200 kHz
Beam Quality< 1,2
Laser Spot Diameter200 pm
Z Axis Stroke332 mm
Guide LaserClass 2M Red Laser Diode
Working Temperature10 – 35 °C
Working Chamber490 x 350 x 260 mm
Power Supply230 V 50/60 Hz 1pH 0,8 kW
Dimensions560 x 1156 x 981 mm
Weight150 kg
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