WH – 64 – P, laser marking station with automatic storage with 64 pallets


  • 64 customizable pallets on 4 columns: different items can be processed on each pallet with the option to load/unload even during operation.
  • The WH – 64 – P allows to perform unattended work cycles with self-shutdown at completion (energy saving), remote monitoring and statistical reports of the processing performed.
  • Integrated coaxial vision system for precise centering and automatic recognition of parts, control interface that allows the processing management for each pallet (even during operation).
Laser Source20 – 30 – 50 W / 52669
Pallet Dimensions300 x 300 x 13 mm
Max Piece Height400 mm / 15 mm
Dedicated SoftwareInclude
Coaxial Vision System/Pattern Matching SoftwareInclude
Max Power Absorbed1,5 kW
Power Supply230 V 50/60 Hz 1ph
Dimensions216 x 112 x 216 cm
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